Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dueling Darling Divas June Challenge

Dueling Darling June Challenge.

Barb (Our Hostess) and Michelle decided on a wonderful theme for June "The Great Outdoors". You would not believe our kit. The images, embellishments and the DP is something that you would want in your stash. I have enough to make two more cards.

They have added another challenge to this duel, we must tell a story relating to the theme.

I was a Girl Scout Leader, of course I was the best. I kept my girls safe, we loved our camping trips, hiking, cooking, singing, I love singing with the girls at night and telling scary stories. Of course, I'm not scared of anything and my girls knew this.

However, I was married at the time and my ex had informed the a few of the Girl Scouts, that I'm afraid of mice.

Of course, you know what the girl scouts did. It took them two days to catch a few field mice and they let them loose in my Tent. Of course, being Joan, I screamed, screamed, and screamed. I wanted to punish each and everyone of them. One of the scouts said, that God made all creatures and we must respect their habitant. We were the ones encroaching on their land in our beautiful Forest.

Of course, I had to behave like an adult and give credits to the Scouts. I never found out who caught the mice. Yes, I'm petrified of mice today.

Please go to your right and look at the other DD on our team: Judy, Barb (Our hostess), Lj, Janice, Kelly, Carol, and Joan (ME). Once you have looked at our click on Ranger's site for the next fabulous group