Friday, November 12, 2010

I hope you like the first set of pictures:
All of the furniture is 1:12 scale.

The larger fireplace is 1:12 scale/the smaller is 1/2 :12

The miniature doll is stumping grapes/wine is in the bottle.

I made the white cabinet and chair in the backgroune

I made the Tuscany house in a two week class by Bill Lankford.


  1. Oh my goodness, these are incredible, Joan! You are such a talented crafter. I am in awe of all the details. Lovely!!!

    Thank you for posting pictures!

  2. Wow Joan, these are have done a wonderful job with them. WAY TO GO!!! I am so impressed, thanks for sharing...

  3. Joan, these are really neat. Such a creative craft!

  4. Congratulations Joan! How wonderful that the patrons and passers-by get to view your outstanding collection. Your attention to detail is phenomenal. Love the Tuscany house! Can't wait to see more! TFS

  5. Joan- you must have the smallest fingers and the most patience of anyone, ANYONE, I know!
    These are wonderful!!

  6. Wow these are incredible! Thanks for sharing.